Roadworthy Certificate

Ocean Grove Service Centre offers an affordable Roadworthy Certificate service (RWC), to customers in Ocean Grove and beyond. Our licensed vehicle testers are qualified to carry out roadworthy inspections and provide roadworthy certificates, safety certificates and E-safety checks.

How to get a Roadworthy:

  1. Book your vehicle in for a Roadworthy inspection, by giving our friendly team a call on  03 5255 2976  Sending us an email via our contact page or talking to us in person at 46 Grubb Road, Ocean Grove, VIC 3226
  2. On the day of your vehicle inspection, bring in your drivers license and one of our licensed testers will perform an inspection of your vehicle.
  3. If your vehicle passes the roadworthy inspection, you will be presented with a roadworthy certificate.
  4. If unfortunately your vehicle fails its first inspection, we will work with you to provide a list of defects which will need to be repaired, before we can provide you with the certificate. If your vehicle is found to be suffering from rust or damage to important structural sections, this will need to be documented on a structural repair report which can be found on the VicRoads website here.
  5. Repair work that needs to be carried out, must be done so within 7 days. The team at Ocean Grove Service Centre can assist you with this.
  6. Please contact us to make a booking for any re-inspections.
  7. If the repairs are to a satisfactory standard, then a roadworthy certificate will be issued.

If you are selling your vehicle, a registration transfer form is required, which can be found on the VicRoads website right here. or via this link: Registration Transfer Form